Anyone in and around Johannesburg area can book a carwash from Monday to Sunday with JM CarWash between 7am 3:00pm. All booked for wash at a day or two before the wash day in order to plan travelling.

Please note that I will only be accepting/approving 5 Car per Day in one area. Until JM CarWash has a team of people he could send out in different areas. The 5 Cars per day helps me reserve time and energy for my studies.

All booking Confirmations and Reminders are done via Text and Email. Please be active on your mobile and email should you wash to cancel your booking.

All cancelation must be done a day or an 2hours before the wash up time or you will be charged a full wash. Any cancelation due to weather conditions will not be charged. Please send a text to: 076 464 0847 if you wish to cancel your booking.


Members: All members will be billed on monthly bases. All new signups will need to make their first payment upon sign up. All payments will be accepted in Cash or EFT and each member will choose if they would like to continue paying in cash or EFT going forward.
Non-members: Non-members are required to make a full payment before the day of the carwash. This helps if in any late cancelations or no show.


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